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Moerah's Coffee

South of the Border

South of the Border

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Single Origin coffee from Mexico creates a vibrant medium roast. With unexpected flavour notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and a subtle hint of bright citrus, this coffee is always sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

Organic and EP "European Prep," designation which indicates the coffee has undergone rigorous sorting - usually by hand

Notes:  Chocolate, cinnamon, green apple.

Certification: Organic

Grade: SHG, EP

Roast Profile: Medium

Region: Chiapas

Altitude: 1,400-1,900 M

Process: Washed

Variety: Typical, Catimor, and Bourbon

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Grind Suggestions:

Fine: Great for Expresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress

Drip (Medium): Best for use in all commercial and home auto-brewing coffee machines.

Coarse: Great for French Press and Percolator.

Whole Bean: For those who love to grind their own coffee.

*Please note: All coffee is roasted to order and orders are continually processed in the orders received. Shipping generally takes 1-4 days, so you're getting freshly roasted coffee right at its peak of flavour.