Cold Brewing Organic Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee | Brewing Container | Filter | Large Spoon | Cold Water | Timer | Scale


This brew method uses a long, cold, steep time to extract a smooth concentrate. The concentrate is good for 10 days. Sweet Love Blend is our favorite for this method!

Choose a container—something that will hold all of your water and coffee grounds.

Step 1.

Measure: Use a scale to weigh coffee according to the chart. We always recommend weighing, though you can use measurements if no scale is available. If it seems like a lot of coffee, it is. But remember, you’re making a concentration.

Step 2.

Grind: Grind coffee fresh to a medium drip consistency.

Step 3.

Mix: Add ground coffee and water to the vessel and give it a stir with a spoon so all the grounds are saturated.

Step 4.

Steep: Let the container steep for the designated time. Extraction will take a bit longer in the refrigerator, so use a chart to determine the best steep time for you.

Step 5.

Filter: Use the filter of your choice. Options include a cheesecloth, coffee filter, fine mesh strainer, or our favorite mesh bag, to filter out grounds. If making a small batch filter by making in French press.

Step 6.

Finish: You now have a delicious cold brew concentrate! Classic Cold Brew recipe is adding cold water at a 1:1 ratio and pouring over a few ice cubes. You can also use the concentrate as a base for fun coffee drinks and cocktails.