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Moerah's Coffee

Giddyup in a Cup

Giddyup in a Cup

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Post-roast blend of medium-dark coffee, this exceptional brew combines the robust intensity of dark and medium-roasted Arabica beans with a touch of velvety smoothness, creating a harmonious balance that will awaken your senses. With each savoury note, you'll be transported to vast prairies, campfire tales, and the thrill of adventure.

Indulge in the aromatic symphony of deep cocoa, caramel undertones, and a hint of smoky vanilla goodness. As the bold flavours dance on your palate, you'll discover a richness that can only be found in this Blend. It's a cup of liquid gold that embraces your taste buds with a lasso of satisfaction, leaving you craving for another round.

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark

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Grind Suggestions:

Fine: Great for Expresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress

Drip (Medium): Best for use in all commercial and home auto-brewing coffee machines.

Coarse: Great for French Press and Percolator.

Whole Bean: For those who love to grind their own coffee.

*Please note: All coffee is roasted to order and orders are continually processed in the orders received. Shipping generally takes 1-4 days, so you're getting freshly roasted coffee right at its peak of flavour.