Pour-Over Organic Coffee

The ultimate in achieving a single perfect fresh cup. Scroll down for step-by-step directions.


This is a fast brew time, which yields higher acidity, more aromatics, and a brighter taste.

WHAT YOU NEED: Whole Bean Coffee | Melitta Style Brewer & Filters | Kettle | Timer | Scale

PRO-TIP: There are plenty of different-shaped pour-overs you can try. V60, Kalita & Beehouse are a few. Experiment with coarser or finer grinds and find what you like best!

Step 1.

MEASURE: Use a scale to weigh coffee according to the above chart. Heat water on the stove or electric kettle set to 200–205°F

Step 2.

GRIND: Grind coffee to a medium fine consistency, a bit finer than sand.

Step 3.

FILTER: Fold the Melitta filter along the perforated edge. Place the brewer inside and set it above the cup you’ll be drinking out of.

Step 4.

PRE-WET: Pour a few ounces of hot water over the filter to rinse. Discard the water and place the cone back on top of the cup.

Step 5.

Pour coffee into filter and shake to settle. Start your timer and being to pour water. Start with just enough to immerse the grounds. Wait 30-45 seconds before adding more water.

Step 6.

BREW: Add water by slowly pouring over the coffee in a circular manner.

PRO-TIP: When pouring in a circle, you are creating ‘turbulence’. Avoid the already light areas and pour into the darker spots. This allows the grinds to gently extract.

Step 7.

FINISH: Allow coffee to drip through. Total brew time should be between 2-3 minutes depending on batch size. Enjoy!