Chemex Organic Coffee Brewing

Literally a work of art, the Chemex highlights coffee’s more delicate, aromatic notes. The thicker filter is a big part of yielding great results.


The Chemex produces a clean, nuanced & delicate cup.

WHAT YOU NEED: Whole Bean Coffee | Chemex & Chemex Filters | Kettle | Timer | Scale

PRO TIP: We recommend weighing coffee with a scale and using a timer for best results.

Step 1.

MEASURE: Use a scale to weigh coffee according to the above chart. Heat water on the stove or use. an electric kettle set to 205°F.

Step 2.

GRIND: Grind coffee to a medium-to-coarse consistency, like kosher salt. Usually, this is slightly coarser than what is used for drip coffee.

Step 3.

PRE-WET: Open the chemex filter and place it on top of the brewer with the 3-layered side facing the spout. Pour a few ounces of hot water over the filter to rinse. Carefully pull back the side of the filter and discard the water.

Step 4.

BLOOM: Put coffee into filter and tap to settle grounds. Start your timer and add just enough water to cover grounds. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before adding more water.

PRO TIP: After adding water for your bloom, use a chopstick to stir and fully wet the grounds. This will help with even extraction.

Step 5.

BREW: Add remaining water in a circular motion in 2 stages; first filling to 1 inch below the top of the filter, then slowly pouring to maintain this level. Avoid pouring near the sides where the filter touches the glass. Stop the pour once desired weight/volume achieved. Remove filter and swirl to aerate. Enjoy!